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Korea's No. 1 golf & leisure company


About US

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Korea's No. 1 golf & leisure companyIn pursuit of becoming the undisputed leader in the Korean country club industry along with the notion that LOTTE is future-oriented and pursues love, freedom and abundance, we currently operate three country clubs including LOTTE Skyhill Jeju, located near one of the country's most popular attractions, Jungmun Tourist Complex in Seogwipo, Jeju-do, as well as Gimhae CC and Buyeo CC. We have introduced a "hotel-like total service" to our golf courses and resorts to become Korea's No. 1 golf and resort total management corporation through services far more superior to those of competitors.

  • Date of foundation2013.10.1
  • Major BusinessConstruction and
    management of golf course
  • Address70, Sogong-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • Phone(+82)1566-4700

Our contry clubs

jeju country club
  • Management CompanyLOTTE Skyhill CC
  • Club NameLOTTE Skyhill Jeju Country Club
  • Address530, Sangye-ro, Seogwipo-si, jeju-do, korea
  • Telephone064) 731-2000
  • Reservation064) 731-2020~3
  • jeju

    Exotic course like that of a watercolor painting Along the expansive, emerald-colored Seogwipo Beach situated on the south, Sanbangsan Mountain and Hallasan Mountain to the north, various kinds of trees including exotic palm trees and Japanese cedars form a thick natural forest, and Jeju CC offers an eco-friendly course that has preserved and utilizes the natural environment, instead of going against Mother Nature, where a wide range of unique rocks, stone walls, dry streams and various animals and plants inhabit the area.

  • jeju

    Course with themes Each hole expresses and differentiates excellent geography and landscape for artistic sensation and, for an increased excitement of rounds, all 36 holes have been assigned with their own themes, such as Sky Hole (Par-4 touching the sky), Peninsula Hole (Par-3 surrounded by a lake), etc. The fairways form panoramas with smooth undulation and the course is designed with a perfect balance in the degree of difficulties, such as a diverse assortment of teeing grounds, to enable everyone from beginners to professionals to enjoy the rounds. Moreover, this captivating course offers opportunities for aggressive shots and emphasizes the strategic spirit of challenge for holes.

  • jeju

    World-renowned course designer,
    Robert Trent Jones Jr.
    Robert Trent Jones Jr., who has maintained the reputation of the Joneses with a 75-year tradition, has designed more than 200 golf courses in 38 countries over a span of more than 38 years. He is a world-renowned course designer who has designed more than 80 golf courses in the Asia-Pacific region in particular.
    With the goal to be selected as one of the「Top 10 Most Beautiful Golf Courses in the World」, this chief designer of R.T.J. Inc. devoted himself on preserving the benefits of Jeju's pristine nature to the fullest extent and, at the same time, creating an exotic landscape.

  • jeju

    Selected as one of Korea's 10 best golf courses It has solidified its status of the nation's top golf course through its selection as one of "Korea's Top 10 Golf Courses," sponsored by Seoul Economy Magazine, for four consecutive times (2009-2015 ) and as "Korea's Best Course," sponsored by Digest, for the three consecutive times (2013-2017).

kimhae country club
  • Management CompanyLOTTE Skyhill CC
  • Club NameLOTTE Skyhill Gimhae Country Club
  • Address54-49, Gomo-ro 134beon-gil, Jillye-myeon, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea
  • Telephone055) 340-9000
  • Reservation055) 340-9001~4
  • kimhae

    Eco-Friendly Course An eco-friendly club where players enjoy a round of golf in a setting sculpted from nature’s own sand, trees, grass, water, and wind. It is designed to serve as a getaway from the desolate urban life, enabling you to fully rest your mind and body while rediscovering the vitality and joy of life.

  • jeju

    Top Notch Course Our courses are expertly designed to deliver the optimal sensual experience of breathing in the beauty of nature in its fullest, by meticulously harmonizing the golf range and landscape.
    In all our endeavors, we have given the utmost priority to upholding the precious joy of golfers in their journey to reach the final hole.

  • jeju

    Unrivaled Rest & Service LOTTE Sky Hill Gimhae Country Club is the ideal place for quality rest, first-class golf service, peaceful forest walks, and spirited corporate bonding events.
    Our main goal is to provide a retreat that upholds the leader’s poise and class through our member-exclusive facilities and luxury services.

  • jeju

    Cultural exchange space of intellectuals Serving as a haven for intellectuals who cherish elegant cultural exchange, graceful dignity, and ease of life, the LOTTE Sky Hill Gimhae Country Club is definitely a great place for restoring your pride as a leader.Serving as a haven for intellectuals who cherish elegant cultural exchange, graceful dignity, and ease of life, the LOTTE Sky Hill Gimhae Country Club is definitely a great place for restoring your pride as a leader.

buyeo country club
  • Management CompanyLOTTE Skyhill CC
  • Club NameLOTTE Skyhill Buyeo Country Club
  • Address470 Baekjemun-ro, Gyuam-myeon, Buyeo-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, korea
  • Telephone041) 939-1700
  • Reservation041) 939-1701~4
  • buyeo

    Eco-friendly course The environment-friendly course allows you to feel the breathtaking and history of Baekje culture at a glance.

  • buyeo

    Sophisticated course Exquisite placement of holes to enjoy cool drive shots and holes that are short but never intrusive. And big and small bunkers and hazards give the player fun.

  • buyeo

    Beautiful view The entire course encompasses the Baekje Cultural Complex.
    The rounds offer spectacular rounds of healing the mind, body and soul by looking at the foreground.
    The 8th hole on the front is a place where the white mangrove and the fallen rock are quiet, and about 3,000 court women in Baekje have jumped into the river in the cherry blossom season.